One of my freelance clients is developing software that enables pharmacists to sell and purchase unused pharmaceuticals. I am the only user experience designer for this project. It's my job to provide mockups, facilitate user research, help with marketing strategy, and ensure my client has considered all user needs. This job is different from many of my other projects because I was able to start before development had begun and could shape the product from the beginning.
AccordRx: Listing inventory feature
Error page humorously illustrating the pharmacist's shock.
Users have to manually enter tedious information repeatedly.

The persona who lists product inventory is constantly going back and forth between the inventory shelves and their desktop computer to enter information. Entering each item is tedious, error-prone, and can take several hours to do.
I needed to design a feature that would allow users to list multiple items quickly while reducing input errors. 
Mobile application
A mobile application would help users with their biggest pain points.

Based on the persona's pain points, I advised the client to create a mobile app that would work as a companion to the desktop solution. 

The mobile app scans the barcode for the drug that the user wants to list, uses that barcode to query a database for more information about the drug, and then automatically populates the user's listing form with that drug's information.

Image of pharmacist scanning inventory in the application. 

Image of current product listing page.
Automatically populating fields reduces errors.
Automatically populating information reduces human error because users only need to manually enter a few pieces of information.

This application is also now mobile, so users are no longer required to go back and forth from their desktop to the inventory storage area.

When users are not on the go, they can also switch over to their desktops for an alternative way to use our solution.
Current status
Prototype testing will help ensure the design is decreasing time and errors.
Further testing is planned to determine if users can list items quickly and easily. I will also explore how and when the mobile and desktop apps are used to ensure both solutions meet users' needs.
Development on this product is almost complete and I am excited to gather user feedback and keep iterating. 
See the embedded prototype below to try out the new listing feature for yourself. 

Prototype of current iteration.

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