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I worked with Jyoti Bock on the UX team at the software company Widen (now Acquia). I have so much to say, but I will try to be succinct. Jyoti is an expert in UI and UX design with many years of experience – and you’ll see that shine through immediately in her work. She is a constant advocate for human-centered design, always willing to push back on well-worn assumptions in software and instead dig into user pain points and generate intuitive solutions. She has passion for research and is the only UXD I’ve ever worked with who not only insisted on testing her own designs, but delighted in finding something — anything — wrong with them. As a researcher, it was refreshing to work with someone so comfortable with challenging herself, to say the least.

Not only is she a great designer, she’s a great colleague and fun to have within a team. With us, she acted as the glue of the team. She was always the first to welcome new hires with that trademark Jyoti humor, positivity, and warmth. My first day, she sent me a message telling me to ask if I ever needed help. For the next year, I gladly accepted her collaboration and guidance as I learned how to design software. While Jyoti was a wellspring of support and patience, she also was never afraid to push back on teammates or stakeholders, set high standards, all while maintaining exceptional team and cross-functional relationships based on trust and respect.

- Missy Katner
UX Content Strategist at Widen (now Acquia)
Missy and Jyoti worked on the same team
I highly recommend Jyoti for her exceptional leadership and contributions to our UX team at Enel X. She was my UX Designer Lead and demonstrated an innate ability to organize and prioritize tasks. When our UX team was new to the company and still getting our feet on the ground, she effectively distributed responsibilities among the team and ensured we had a smooth transition with her as leader. What truly sets her apart is her commitment to fostering an inclusive and open environment; she would have weekly check-ins with the designers, a game day to get to know everyone better, workshops for collaboration, and many more. She consistently ensured that everyone's voice was heard and that discussions were conducted with a sense of comfort, collaboration, yet still addressed our business/UX objectives.
Beyond her managerial role, Jyoti actively mentored interns and fellow designers, generously sharing her UX design expertise and resources. Despite overseeing multiple applications and global teams, she maintained an approachable demeanor. A skilled communicator, leader, and decision-maker, Jyoti played a pivotal role in fostering a collaborative and thriving work environment.

- Angelina Lum
UX/UI Designer at Enel X 
Angelina reported Directly to Jyoti
"Jyoti's playfulness, positivity and patience allowed her to capture many genuine smiles and laughs with the whole family! Her stunning use of natural lighting creates pictures that capture the love and laughter we all share and will be treasured for years to come."
- Lizz Epp
Repeat client

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I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Jyoti as a software engineer. Her user-centric design approach and attention to detail have consistently impressed me. Jyoti's ability to merge creativity with functionality shines through in her work. She's made our development process smoother, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for any design-related projects.

- Chris Stalker-Herron
Mobile Software Engineer at Propeller Health 
Chris worked with Jyoti but on different teams

Jyoti has a strong eye for well-designed applications and is passionate about building well-crafted application building blocks that then can be used to build the larger application. She is very friendly and personable and always willing to talk through designs and take feedback to make the product she is helping to build
even better.

- Mark Skelton

Senior Software Engineer
Mark worked with Jyoti but on different teams
I had the privilege of working closely with Jyoti on several projects involving building business-critical software applications to monitor, control and operate renewable energy projects. Her designs seamlessly merged technical complexity with user-friendly interfaces. Jyoti's collaborative spirit and mentorship enriched our team dynamic, while her positive attitude and innovative mindset consistently drove exceptional outcomes. I wholeheartedly recommend Jyoti for her invaluable contributions and expertise in UX design.
- Terry Holtz
Senior Product Manager at Enel X
Terry worked with Jyoti on the same team 

"Jyoti helped me take a fresh and comprehensive look at my brand and website, getting me to ask questions about what I wanted to project, how I wanted to communicate, and functionality that I never would have thought of myself. She listened to everything I was telling her too, rather than pushing any prefabricated package on me. 
Jyoti refreshed and re-energized my whole digital presence, and set up my site so that it was easy for me to update and develop as my audience and interaction has grown. She was lovely to work with, open and professional and positive. I would recommend her to anyone."

- Jo Hathaway
UX/UI consultation, branding, and website design
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Jyoti is an incredibly talented designer. She is a very quick learner and dove in quickly to get up to speed on Propeller’s mobile applications and four web-based products. Each of these systems was made better and more user-friendly as a result of her work.

Jyoti is also a wonderful person to work with. She is one of the most (if not the most) organized people I have ever worked with. She has a relentlessly positive attitude.
In my time working with her, she also regularly stepped out of her role as UX/UI designer to facilitate workshops for our cross-functional team. Our team communication immensely improved as a result of her workshops.
She is an invaluable asset to any team she is a part of.
- Rachel Maffitt
Software QA at Propeller Health
Rachel worked with Jyoti but on a different team
Jyoti is a pleasure to meet with and
work alongside. She's an excellent communicator and has a clear passion for design. Her input has always been a huge benefit to our team, with a great attitude
to boot!

I can't recommend her enough if you're looking for a sharp, focused, and contagiously upbeat member for your design team.

- Daniel Pelletier
Senior UX Designer at EnelX
Daniel worked with Jyoti but on a different team
"All I can say about Jyoti is “Wow!” She developed a video trailer for my debut novel and my experience with her can best be described as nothing less than spectacular. She asked all the right questions, gathered the pertinent information, and delivered a stellar product on time and within budget.

On top of all her professional skills, prowess, and know-how, she’s also a fantastic person. I look forward to working with her on the trailer for my next book."
- Davin Goodwin
Author or Diver's Paradise
Book trailer for debut novel 
Working with Jyoti was a privilege. She's a very talented professional, passionate about her work, and always generous with her time and knowledge.
A natural leader, well organized and focused, she inspired her team and stirred it to produce excellent results, while advancing stakeholders understanding and appreciation of the quality of their work. Wherever she will choose to go next she'll surely become a major asset in no time.

- Cinzia Barlaam
Software Development Team Lead
Cinzia and Jyoti worked on the same team
Jyoti is a skillful designer, an enthusiastic collaborator and a true team player. I always enjoyed working with her and admired her positive attitude and ability to get things done.

- Emily Kruzel
Digital Health at Propeller
Emily worked with Jyoti but on different teams
Jyoti was great to work with. Her energy is infectious. She has an eye and passion for UX.

- Dakota Kramer
Senior Software Engineer at Widen (now Acquia)
Dakota worked with Jyoti on the same team

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